Hello EQs.  It's Sunday and I'm at home instead of at the Lovebox festival today.  Geri and I spent all our money on gelato, suntan lotion and electric parmesan cheese graters in Sicily so we aren't there and instead I'm at home getting caught up on promo CDs today.  As such, I'm feeling a bit random today as well, so I'd thought I'd resurrect the totally miscellaneous Random Rants style blog post – just to mix it up a little today.


OMFG – Ryan Reynolds landed the role of Green Lantern for the live action movie.  Now – that is hot.  For those of you who don't know, I'm a bit of DC Comics geek. Don't hate me.  To make it more music related, well Justin Timberlake screen-tested for the role, but there is no way in hell that could have worked…

There is a new quality music blogger on the block – his name is JD and he's one of my personal heroes. Make sure you check out his new blog Hype & Sick as it's fucking fab and is presented in both French and English too.  JD has always given EQ quite a few quality music recommendations over the past year and I have the utmost respect for this new blogger.  Go give him some love EQs.

Welcome fans of Adam Lambert.  Our little post on Adam Lambert got plonked on his official website this weekend and I've been enjoying reading your comments, tweets and emails about our hot man of the glam. Have you heard his song "Want" yet?  It's one of those that he recorded before AI and I just love it.  I know he's a bit peeved about it being put out there and all, but his vocals shine on it.  I could listen to his tonsil-tongued voice all day – he's like a new Stevie Nicks for me.  Still hoping for a bit of electro-rock from Adam though when the official debut album is released…hint hint.


I was told today to NEVER compare Lady Gaga to Bjork.  What! I mean come on, Hmmpfh.  Don't tell me Bjork has never tried too hard to be different.  Lady Gaga is about one irritation away from biting a reporter's head off at the airport and for that – I love them both.

Duncan James coming out?  Who cares – one of the V Factory boys is a homo.

I've had the time of my life watching "Dirty Dancing" by NKOTB and watching this hilarious take on the movie of the same name courtesy of Miss Lynsey…you've been warned…

And finally – I'm pleased to announce that none other than Luciana will be headlining EQ @ Underbelly on July 31st!  Make sure you let us know you are coming on the Facebook invite.