Yesterday I kept running into some funny and interesting videos from some of my favourite artists, so I thought I would share with you all.

Here we have Robyn in one of the cutest video pieces I’ve seen her in.  While sitting in her kitchen she talks about how she established Konichiwa Records and models the props from her "Konichiwa Bitches" video.  I think it’s so lovable when she talks about being a "swedish national treasure" – it’s priceless.

And here we have Darren Hayes chatting with the Loose Women and admitting he has a "gay crush" on one of the lady presenters.  Darren talks about his third wedding anniversary, relationships and trust and "loving the skin he’s in" which is quite refreshing.  And stay tuned for Darren’s hilarious story on how his father used to take him along to dog food hunting expeditions…run skippy run!

And what do we have here?…Here we have Blake Lewis taking a poo and beatboxing in someone’s bathroom at probably the weirdest house party known to man. It’s kind of strangely engaging and Twighlight Zonish, but really funny. You have to watch this…words can’t really describe it’s so "out there".