I’ll admit that I am a sucker for the female voice– especially one that can perfectly ride a flawless electronic instrumental. Once upon a time I was all about the female vocalist who can riff and run like Whitney Houston. However, as my musical ear grew I realized the beauty in the phrase, less is more. While there is plenty to admire about the gospel inspired voices that shaped R&B music like Aretha Franklin and Patti Labelle, there is something special about a subtle voice that can touch your heart the same way.

“Polyethers” by British singer Py is truly a breath of fresh air. The beat alone sounds like something Flying Lotus would create so you can guarantee a futuristic production style complete with experimental transitions. Like Sade or even Andreya Triana, Py’s tone is soft and sweet creating an incredible contrast to the backing music. “Polyethers” is a great follow up to her uptempo 2012 debut, “Lungs.”

“Polyethers” will be made available for download on June 30.