Stine Bramsen

Should you have not caught wind already that the delightful front-woman Stine Bramsen from Danish chirpy pop band Alphabeat, took to the interweb last week to place down a live recording session of her debut solo single “Prototypical”, then this will be fresh news to you. Although, being that there was an ensuing scramble of bloggers readily sharing out the scoop, chances are Stine’s swishly melodic debut didn’t go un-noticed amongst the pure pop appreciative fandom.

So you may have already seen and heard the live performance version, which was last week’s news, but in this week’s news, have you checked over “Prototypical” in its full glory of HD presentation? Chances are you have not.

As we saw come together in the live version, the studio cut accentuates upon the immediate haunting orchestral backdrop with a chilling, almost foreboding manner supporting it and in direct representation of the remote and detached nature of the lyrical content of not being open to love. Leading from the dark tone of the verses into a joyous round of jaunty handclapping and uplifting gospel choir back-up that thunders up when galloping through the contrasting upbeat chorus in juxtaposed depiction of a fresh outlook and openness.

As much as we adore the vivacious version of Alphabeat Stine, Stine the solo artist comes in on an altogether different page of sassiness. “Prototypical” is a thoughtful pop stomper that illuminates Stine into the realms of pop diva presence, who’d have thought it! but Stine completely has the seal on it.

Don’t fret Alphabeat still lives on with Stine still apart of it, she just wanted to step aside for a bit and show us something different.

We are so pumped up in approval of this new big Stine dynamic.