Daniel Oliver

By Mandy Rogers

Well not a week goes by that we don’t drop out a mention on
some sparkle of Scandinavian pop that’s twinkling out there and generally
bedazzlingly good.  First stop this week
comes from Iceland. Recording artist Daniel Oliver has established himself as a
top player in his home market over the last couple of years and sprawled across
into Sweden last year, making a home there and generally mixing with the cream
of Sweden’s top music industry players.

The fruits of the music vine are now bearing Scandic electro
pop fruitiness as Daniel prepares to unleash “DJ Blow My Speakers” a written
collaboration between Daniel and
respected source of all things Scandipop Karl Batterbee and produced by Örlygur

Expect nothing less than electro soaked dance pop, with a
touch of euphoria that’s steered by a contemporary and euro crowd pleasing
vocal. Altogether it’s rather good!

We are giving you a heads-up preview of “DJ Blow My
”, just a tiny snippet of it! 
prior to the video being released in the next week or so, as Daniel has
his sights set further a field on an international career and will be making a
stop-over in London on Friday 28th September to perform at Voyage
at the RVT.