I like to listen and to learn about music artists from all over the world. Besides the UK and the USA. I’m a big fan of Nordic and Russian pop acts. I hear a lot about these. It is such a thrilling experience to discover a great new singer or act from somewhere totally different from the usual places. This is a reason why I love Eurovision so much. I am not going to speak about Eurovision today. However, I have a lovely track to share with you from the Tel Aviv, Israel, based singer/songwriter Lia D’sau.

EQ readers are getting the first listen to Lia’s new song, “Sad Teenage Flower.”

Even though I try not to end the week with a sad song. When I heard “Sad Teenage Flower”, the beauty of the musicality and the superb songwriting reverberated so profoundly. It left me feeling so moved and affected by it that I couldn’t help but want to sink into the track further. Quite honestly, her voice is so graceful and exquisite. She finesses every vocal with incredible intuitiveness. At just nineteen years of age, this is somewhat rare and special to behold.

The release showcases Lia’s emotively affecting vocals, impressive songcraft and intelligent lyricism throughout. She sings about the kinds of things most other nineteen-year-olds wouldn’t even begin to contemplate upon. (Most definitely in ways they would not). The track is stirring stuff.

Sad Teenage Flower” is very special to me. It is the first original song I ever recorded, and it’s a very vulnerable song, where I talk about how I felt as a teenager, being a misfit, and how I wanted all of the misfits like me to feel seen in a song about teenagers that isn’t about how great it is to be a teenager, but the latter”. Lia explains.

Artists like Lia D’sau don’t come along too often. When they do, everything they touch turns out pretty magic. I found this to be particularly true of Lia D’sau.

Connect with Lia D’sau
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liadsau/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7F1pxS8QveIS1n1ggy1i6R?si=7xIFptcjT1e6dFtE6nYthA