Lo and behold EDM from a foreign land that’s going some way to dispel the myth that the electronic dance music arena is mostly awash with hard-line club thumping beats!

After an initial start-up as a four piece outfit. Brazillian twin brothers Pedro and André Cajado file in as a duo under the working name of Audax and are beginning to make some headway already, in spreading their music beats and melodies further afield into the awareness of the electronic appreciating atmosphere of folks like me and you EQ’s!

To date, thus far in reading Audax’s timeline, they have already scored their UK debut with a super catchy neon sized hit of club ready EDM in “Ready To Explode” as their point of impact track. Although, as the brothers go forwards from this, there is about to be a noted turn in events when it comes to Audax’s UK follow-up release.

Bringing on board rising pop singer Priscilla Pach on “My Angel” introduces a new dynamic within the Audax music resumé. Also in exchanging the weight of electronics by replacing the dancefloor formulated beats with a twinkling of simulated piano keys, provides the precise star turn-about moment which makes this track far mightier in it’s worth than a disco killer cut.

What Audax’sMy Angel” has as its top most asset in this instance, is a considerable amount of pop credibility which plays out as its trump-card of major strength here.

You’d not so normally witness me declaring EDM as being beautifully enveloped in its exquisiteness under its normal aesthetical circumstances, but when it falls to “My Angel” it is a statement which emphatically defines the exact nature and valid classification that this track earns in accountable terms of merit.