I have the pleasure of introducing you to a new girl group today. They are Los Angeles based pop-quartet SZNS. While in the UK, we are waiting for the predicted mini-heatwave to arrive. It is the 4 members of SZNS, known as Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn who step into the breach giving us a sunny blast of glowing hot pop flavour and heart-on-sleeve lyricism. You should first know. The band’s vibrant sound is represented by each member’s unique vocals and styles. But, being empowering and embracing authenticity is what binds them together in strength and perfect harmony. Reaping success with sizzling Latin inspired EDM track “Tequila w Lime” in 2020, they follow up with the softer, more vulnerably exposed effort “Build a Boy“.

The pace slows down and the mood has changed. These, all kinds of weather girls are lifting the lid in the most intimate of ways. Speaking openly and frankly. Using a heart-to-heart, chat-style of conversational lyricism. The spirituality aware girls are quick to recognise, learning to love yourself first is key to enlightenment, improving well-being and happiness. “Build a Boy” is where they impart this worldly-wise advice, much like a good pair of listening ears or a supportive shoulder to lean on would do.

As a special treat for EQ Music Blog readers, we are happy to be giving you a first listen to the beautiful, soul-stirring track.

“When we came together to write “Build a Boy“, the energy in the studio was a bit different from our usual confident selves. We were all feeling very vulnerable and even a little lonely. Each of us has experienced a relationship that wasn’t fulfilling us mentally, physically and/or spiritually. “Build a Boy” is our way of saying, “I deserve more than the bare minimum & I have to do what’s best for me.” We realised some people are only in your life for a reason or a season and if you want the perfect partner, you have to find that within yourself first because you can’t “Build a Boy.”” SZNS share.

SZNS are only just getting started yet, exhibit the qualities of a ready-made force in pop. They are doing everything right with the music to make multiple crossovers happen. Make sure you seek them out because (BIG STATEMENT ALERT) it is pretty obvious, they have very good prospects of becoming the next big American girl group.

Connect with SZNS
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/official.szns
Twitter: https://twitter.com/szns_official
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sznsofficial/