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This weeks HOT FUSS FIVE:

STRANGE TALK:  Formed a little under two years ago, the pride of Australia’s synth pop heritage remains in good hands with Melbourne’s Strange Talk. Most probably you will not have failed noticing them whip up an online viral storm this spring, with their Cut Copy appealing tracks “Climbing Walls” and “Eskimo Boy” – that won them tour slots alongside The Rapture and Marina And The Diamonds.

In anticipation of the 2012 debut album, we foresee another sure-fire hit in “Sexual Lifestyle” – cue driving baselines, drilling synth pop sequencing and indie pop heavenly harmonizing.  So good were literally lost for words!   

LISTEN TO:  “Sexual Lifestyle” by Strange Talk HERE.

LASERS: When it comes to Spanish flavoured, Latin American pop, we tend to know  of it, as all out Shakira hip wiggling, Ricky Martin salsa shaking or Monti Montanez holding a smoulder and general looking all gorge.  All of which we find totally acceptable as the face of Latin pop, but until now haven’t heard of it so electronic steered as we have found in the visionary Lasers.

The band that have been existence for the past two years and are now set to ready their debut album “Juno” at the end of the month.  The album is concentrated of  looping sequences, brisk flowing typically latin formed melodies with a general sense of  all-worldiness about them.  Quite a find indeed to come across a band that out there in Catalonia that isn’t blaring Ibiza rave horns! Lasers provide in “Juno” what would be your perfect chillax soundtrack down on the beach the day after, the party night before.  Infact, let’s have a taste of it now here’s the single

LISTEN TO:  “Solar System” by Lasers HERE.

YADI There is nothing typical about Hannah Yadi! she draws upon her multi-cultured background and purrs out some of the finest left of field pop that we’ve heard  in recent years.  Over the last year, plus, Hannah was been spilling some tracks onto the web that have been garnering up some favourable attention, not least her track “Guillotine” that had music bloggers and industry reps alike crowning her the next Marina, but as we heard she had been working with Starsmith who also prepped Marina, we take that proclamation as coincidence.  One thing is for sure,Yadi is an incredible songstress whose appealing dark emotive pop songs brag a huge potential as a noteworthy artist to firmly hook our radar upon.  Thankfully as she’s recently inked with the Warner Label we are evermore hopeful that she’ll now be seen as a contender as one to watch out for in 2012. 

Reflecting these current exciting developments in the Yadi camp, Hannah has just released her first video to a track that first peaked online earlier this year “Sahara Heart”.  Evidently drawing back upon her Algerian heritage, the whole ethos of “Sahara Heart” appears to be that of mystery, intrigue and mystic promise, brooding melodies and smokey vocals. Portaying a forelorn, vulnerable and perhaps a forbidden love. But it is its fragility that is also it’s main draw of power, which cuts right into us and leaves a mark our own “Sahara Heart”.  

WATCH / LISTEN:Sahara Heart” by Yadi HERE.         


STRANGERS An intriguing three piece outfit from London, that have in the space of only a year come to some respected prominence for their astoundingly good crafting of epic and emotional alternative pop songs.  We first got wind of them via a remix the Paper Crows did on one of their previous efforts and well it just went to cement in our heads that the future of really good alternative pop is looking evermore brighter than it has for some time. Poptronik quite adores the fact that a number of breaking out bands are digging into these melodramatic dark pop leniencies that are making their way into the pop movement at the moment.

Forthcoming release “Promises” is Strangers biggest and boldest release to date, a chugging anthem spawned by the demise of a relationship, which in stark contrast to its storyline is uplifted with a belt of rousing chorus’s set together with the endearing vocal femininity of Lara Smiles.  If you will, we consider this paves the way forward in lovelorn boy / girl duets of the 21st Century.  

LISTEN TO: “Promises Feat Lara Smiles” by Strangers HERE.

ENFANT: A DJ-ing trio out of London, comprising of twin Brothers Robin and Ali Owen and additionally Ed Elli, that have taken the turn into making their own music previously in other guitar strung bands but now come together as electronic led outfit Enfant.

Drawing upon inspirational forces of LCD Sound System, Chemical Brothers and Groove Armada, the resultant high energy kick of the dance floor wends it’s way onto the trios first release “Waking Up The Sun”. Fashionably pulsating and funky, as a Daft Punk hang out with Cut Copy would be. If Robin, Ali and Ed’s goal was merely to make music to get the peoples feet burning up the floor, then it’s been groovaliciously achieved. 

WATCH: “Waking Up The Sun” – By ENFANT HERE.

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