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Lovers Electric

LOVERS ELECTRIC:  During the summer, Anglo / Australian duo Lovers Electric released their sophomore album “Impossible Dreams” to their current home nation’s Germany and Australia.  Which left us wondering when the rest of Europe / The World might be cut in on the fine electronic pop action that David and Eden masterfully produce. 

Early next year came a cry into our inbox!” along with a complimentary track from the album (current Australian single release) in the form of gigantic pop tune “Love Can Save Us” – So BIG on the Brit pop  flavour we felt sure it was coming from Fleetwood Mac.  

LISTEN TO / DOWNLOAD: Lovers Electric – “Love Can Save UsHERE


SOJO: It’s yet more music from Sweden!  Duo SOJO are one of the Countries newest hot properties, that have been sparking interest worldwide after smashing the through the Scandic Summer with super Swedish techno type offering “I Remember” from the same creative collaborative forces of September’s production team.

Follow-up single “Jumping Jam” looks on further, to steer the duo into a wider realm of club domination.  Whilst it might not be a sound that is altogether something new, it is certainly one that you’d get your sweaty groove thang onto and have a absolute ball by doing so.

SOJO releases are only available in their current home territory at present, but we feel that the world is in need of bouncy pop songs like this and it won’t be long before they’ll be popping up in all major digital outlets worldwide.  



CARLOS NOBREGA:  EQ readers should already be familiar with Carlos Nobrega.  The multi-talented actor / singer/ songwriter, particularly struck a chord with us, as a fine representative of new Spanish musical discoveries, that push into the pop sphere with a sultry Latin kick. 

Carlos’s, single “Pitiful” brought to note a distinct burst of Latin hot Enrique – que – que Iglesias with it. Whilst we’ve been holding out for a super sassy video to compliment it (coming soon we hear!) Carlos has delivered a whammy FREE gift package of remixes, plus goodies equipped to fulfil every Latin beated desire you could possibly harbour.  Aside from the hugeness, but altogether, lovely peppy up-tempo rhythms, the acoustic cut is something of beauty.  It throws in some fragility, bringing home the true meaning to the song with some poignancy that has been over-shadowed elsewhere by the fast-paced dance rhythms.  

LISTEN TO: Carlos Nobrega “Pitiful (The Echoes)” HERE / FREE DOWNLOAD: HERE

Carlos Nobrega is definitely amongst one of the most promising new Latin Artists we have discovered in a while.  Acts of such being, we are keen to discover more of, as we bring the Poptronik Festival to Sitges in June – it would be kinda cool to hear more of what’s breaking through in the Spanish electro pop scene.


PAPER CROWSI could sit here waxing lyrical about the Paper Crows all day! In all honesty, it’s summed up like this: it’s totally their delicate eclectic mixings of Emma Panas exquisite vocals and Duncan McDougall’s uncluttered alternative stamp on electronica, that produce a spellbinding formula that has hitherto, since I first heard them, absorbed into the fabric of me.  I just adore them, plain and simple.

It was the cover of Kate Bush’sCloudbusting” that first brought on the Paper Crows chills and thrills of Poptronik’s excitement for the duo.  To be able to own it for FREE has left us beyond words and in desperate wanting for their debut album, scheduled for release this year. 

LISTEN TO / FREE DOWNLOAD: Paper Crows – “Cloudbusting” (Kate Bush Cover) HERE



STEREORIGHTS:  We know practically nothing about this new Danish band Stereorights, other than their debut single “Bottleneck” has quite scored a homeland hit for them.

We listened to it.  It is actually, quite something of Indie Pop Brilliance, that we have concluded a hybrid comparison to that of somewhere between Fenech-Soler and Strange Talk a completely worthy description.  In laymans terms this just means it’s very good indeed! 

WATCH / LISTEN: Stereorights – “Bottleneck” HERE

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