POPTRONIK takes a scoot of the web introducing you to new artists and generally bringing you the buzz on all that is creating a HOT FUSS in the music world.  With a little difference maybe, but definitely cool as!  This weeks HOT FUSS FIVE:


LAWSON: We’ve already been in a state of hot fuss over Lawson, but you know what – we think these boys have the makings of something quite special, so we’re going to jump right in and get steamed up in hot fuss with them again.

Comprising of ex-Avenue boy-bander and Andy Brown, together with Joel Pleat, Adam Pitts and Ryan Fletcher, Lawson are a right virtual gathering born to the world via meeting up through YouTube and Myspace!  In their relatively short time together their harmonised pop melodies have whipped them up a sizeable Lawson army of fans.

Make no bones about it, Lawson have the L factor! – Likeability, it’s instant! As the Lawson fever has grown, it’s seen them spinning off at the high end of tour supports to The Wanted, Avril Lavigne and currently sharing stage with Will Young.  This build up beckons something BIG for 2012 and we say book your tour seat for their own headliner now! HERE infact.

As the band hit the road with Will Young earlier this week, they sent out a delightful croon some  acoustic track via YouTubeStanding In The Dark” which we think is totally ace. Instead of us blathering on about it, you should be listening, watching and loving it!  

WATCH: “Standing In The Dark” – By Lawson HERE.

Paolo Albertazzi

PAOLO ALBERTAZZI:  Now if you’ve been an avid EQ reader over the years, you might recognise Paolo, since he is the artist now formerly known as Boyde and it was he who a few years back tickled EQ’s ears with his bouncy electro pop tunes “Are You A Boy Or A Girl” and “Kissing”.

Paolo is as fresh-faced now as he was back then and he’s set to boost our electro waves with some new material under his birth name real soon.  To get us in the mood for what’s brewing from his electro hot melting pot, here’s not one, or two, but three snippets, showing off an all new and bigger, club friendly vibe, we don’t know about you but we can’t wait to hear more of it. 

LISTEN TO PREVIEWS of: “Unique", "Girls Do It Better" and "Body Control” – By Paolo Albertazzi HERE.

Jordy Towers

JORDY TOWERS:  It’s been a meteoric climb for Jordy Towers, who until last year was unknown, homeless and had served a jail sentence. Determined to get the life back on track Jordy turned to his love of hip-hop music and instantly caught the ear of The Jackson 5’s Jackie Jackson, who encouraged Jordy to cut his first record which went on to win over Lupe Fiasco as a fan.  There we have it, through a tour with Fiasco a new star is born, as easy as that! Well for some maybe!

Cut to the here and now – with the album prepped, effervescent and wacky Jordy  assaults the hip hop scene with a broadened pop sounding appeal that he’s just taken on the road touring with The Knux.

No testing your toes in the water for Jordy either, his first release on this is a full-on production, Double A sided single “Money Money”  / “Don’t Say It’s Over” win themselves a lengthy cinematic video with Lady Gaga’s Choreographer Laurieann Gibson onboard.

There’s no denying it, all the industry hullabaloo surrounding Jordy is warranted, the boy’s clearly harbouring a huge talent of the type – to quote the lyrics of Tinie Tempah and  Lady Gaga  we think it was "Written In The Stars" Jordy was “Born This Way” tah dah……. a STAR!  

WATCH: “Money Money” – By Jordy Towers HERE.


ESCORT:  Polish up your mirror balls! New York disco orchestra Escort are set ready to give you good reason to send them into spin! 

This hot gathering of a band has been entertaining their home turf with their amazing disco edits and club friendly cuts for a number of years, but it is only now that they have strung all their aquired know-how together and released a debut LP.  This is Disco, Disco, Disco, at it’s finest and would beckon the shyest clubbing wallflower from the sidelines for a sweaty freak out on the neon grid disco floor.

To get us in the weekend mood, Escort give out some burn on sultry clubbing track “Makeover”.

LISTEN /FREE DOWNLOAD:  “Makeover” – By Escort  HERE.

Beatrice Eli

BEATRICE ELI: All hail the Swedes! Although this one Mz Beatrice Eli is somewhat of an enigma to say the least. At the beginning of the year we caught sight of a track “Don’t Go” floating around the web, it danced upon our ears delightfully but we were a bit silly and forgot to take note of who the artist was, well boo, boo for us!  We knew in our head that there was something of quite greatness about this project and were going to have to hunt it down again – so eventually we have!  With new ear candy to boot!

We still don’t know much about her, apart from she’s signed on with the Management looking after Wretch 32 and Yasmin. Yet Beatrice’s stunning debut single “Conqueror” has seeped online in a whisper. Cue a lavishly massive broody pop melody, underpinned with dub and heaven sent smokey vocals.  Uncover one the web’s best kept secrets now, we are holding out for much BIGNESS for Beatrice in 2012.

LISTEN TO: “Conqueror” – By Beatrice Eli HERE.

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