Madison and The Electric Dolls strike a pose backstage at Popshow

Popshow’s Valentines Party was so much fun on Friday night.  Probably their best show to date and yeah, we know we keep saying that – but that pretty much goes to show you that this is one party that keeps getting better and better and that’s why EQ is always there dear readers.  First of all, huge thanks to Nik Pate who captured the great shots you’ll see throughout this post today.  Nik has a special way of capturing the magic on film that resonates very nicely.  Getting good shots of live acts is always a difficult job so huge thanks to Nik again for sharing his wonderful images with us.  Nik will be launching his edgy photography site very soon as well so if you’re an artist looking for some great shots with a twist, then email us and we’ll put you in touch with Nik.

Aren’t the Electric Dolls the picture of total cuteness below?  The fiesty fivesome did a great performance of ‘Baps R Bakin’ and ‘Love Me Long Time’ to the energetic crowd having just come back from performing in Bristol as part of the BBC Upstaged competition.  The Electric Dolls are getting more and more exposure lately and it’s nice to see the crowd go wild for their saucy and highly-charged performances.


Baps R Bakin and asses-a-shakin – The gospel as according to The Electric Dolls

So here’s the scoop on Madison.  Madison is now a duo featuring the electro vocal stylings of the man himself alongside the eye-turning and playful antics of the lovely Sarah.  The duo performed their thumping and throbbing track ‘Club’ alongside their latest track ‘Iconic’ which you can listen to now in the ‘Press Play Bitch’ section of EQ.  Sarah was ‘truly iconic’ having cat-walked onto the stage in a huge blond wig and petticoat in which she diva threw it aside to reveal her hot Kylie-esque blue dress that, well, we just couldn’t take our eyes off of.  Madison’s performances are stepping up a level and if you haven’t seen them live yet, you really need to make an effort to.


"You’re looking good tonite, well most of you"…quips Madison.

So going into Popshow, we weren’t quite prepared for QBoy (pictured below).  We had seen a few of his YouTube videos and thought’ "eh, not really our thing" but after seeing his live performance, we were nothing short of blown away.  Performing his new track ‘Coming Out 2 Play’, QBoy absolutely rocked the audience.  It was quite nice to see a hip-hop artist blend in and win the hearts so easily with the pop pimpers crowd.  EQ can easily say that we are fans now!


QBoy and his dancers rang our bell that’s for sure…

James Leon (below) had the tough responsibility of warming up the crowd by being the first on the bill and he did just that with style and finesse.  Performing his funky-dory track ‘Never Been Cool’, James got a great reaction from the crowd.  We had a chance to catch up with James at the bar and we are so excited for what he is doing now.  He’s a fantastic artist on the up and up and we can’t wait to hear more of what he has in store for us.


Although he sings about never being cool, James Leon is 2 cool for school to us.

The Ultrasonics (below) were of course fantastic as usual and announced that their single ‘Why You Had To Leave’ is getting a release in Germany as well as being featured on the next electro compilation CD being put together by Electronically Yours as well.  There is just no justice in the world if ‘Why You Had To Leave’ doesn’t become a hit for The Ultrasonics.  Being a staple at Popshow now, the group are bound to win over new fans with every performance.  We had quite a few people ask us where we can get their music after wards and that is always a good sign.  Kudos to the group for being the picture of electro perfection – and Johanna is just as cute as a button isn’t she?


Johanna of The Ultrasonics working the gold lycra as only she can do…

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