By Javi Lopez

Our (or at least the one and only in my case) favorite country girl Taylor Swift is almost back with the new material she has been cultivating since the store-blower master piece Speak Now (2010) – It's called: RED. My tears of joy can tell you how excited I am.

The 16 tracks record (and possible bonus material) is expected to be released this October 22nd featuring the singles that have been floating around the web, such as: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Red and Begin Again. and this is what I think by far:

Starting with the cheessy mess that We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together is, we could tell that Taylor is not being the little crying girl we have all know (by previous albums). SHE IS NEVER EVER EVER GETTING BACK TOGETHER WITH HIM, Y'ALL. Finally. The single is *that* song you are waiting for to be played on the radio while your are in the car with your girlfriends and… ¡BAM! There it is and you scream, and can't deal with the situation, and you pee. In other words: I love the song.

And when you though that its going to get better, it really does. I dare you to try to get Red out of your head. Impossible. Going back to in time, Red is about telling the boy of your dreams how much you love him; how hard, impossible and stupid is the idea to forget him; how emotional and peaceful is to remember him. Red is that song you want to sing to the one that is everything you ever wished for.

Finally, Beging Again is probably about Taylor being insecure in love again? The line "I've been spending the last 8 months thinking all love ever does is break and burn.." might be the answer. Or Taylor being insecure wearing heels and her boy not liking it. Begin Again can be the song you want to listen to at night when you feel all you wanna do is think about *him*.

Reserve your copy of Red (album) here and listen to Red (track) below: