OK, don't start freaking out just yet. It's actually a score to a ballet!  Nevertheless, anything PSB does is just pure magic so I can't wait to hear how this collaboration with choreographer Javier De Frutos and London's leading dance theatre, Sadler’s Wells turns out.  Shoot, with Pet Shop Boys doing the music, I might even be convinced to drag my non-stereotypical gay ass to the ballet for once…well I did go and see Matthew Bourne's version of Swan Lake once, for obvious reasons.

When asked about the collaboration, Neil and Chris said: “This is a very exciting project to be part of. In the past we have written dance music so to write music for a ballet seems like a logical development. Also we have always been fascinated by giving our music a theatrical context.”

For you hundreds of Petheads out there, there is more information about "The Most Incredible Thing" on PSB's official website.