Photo: Danny Sangra

Having picked up on a certain amount of early online buzz surrounding emerging new artist Pawws over the past few months, I thought I’d keep my radar alert to all new matters of tune making by this awesome new talent.

Whilst early online demo’s have been glowingly encouraging, Pawws is now grabbing the radio waves too.

Time to get on and discover Pawws, I think!

Assuming the pseudonym Pawws, classic and chorally trained Lucy Taylor’s background might not appear to be of your average kind of pop starlet, but let us not forget Charlotte Church has dabbled in pop and had reasonable success with her efforts.

Lucy on the other hand has already worked up a pop stormer dueting with Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke a couple of years ago on the haunting dance track “What Did I Do”.

Taking up from this lead Lucy has now developed into Pawws, and the results that I have been picking up on are nothing but unassumingly stunning.

Track currently of the moment being plauded by the pundits and radio is the magnificent “Slow Love”, which I’m certain the readers of EQ along with myself are instantly going to form a pop crush on.  For,“Slow Love” is a sprightly little ditty of sugary synth pop that is delicately enchanced by Pawws adorably pretty nymph like  vocals.

Slow Love” shimmers and sparkles with all the synth magical power of Tinkerbell’s wand and I expect it’s swoosh of glitter dust will dance into your brains as much as it has mine!