Patrick Wolf has announced that he will be releasing Part 1 of his double album opus called "The Bachelor" on June 1st now.  As to now overload his fans with too much material at once, he will release part 2 later on in 2010 called "The Conqueror" – both albums will be collectively known as "Battle".

The the full tracklisting for "The Bachelor" is after the jump.  I'm really looking forward to hearing this new record, in fact a little too excited.  There is a record listening party happing early next month in Londontown that I'll be crashing with ears and heart wide open! 

The Bachelor by Patrick Wolf

1. Kriegsspiel (Wargames)
2. Hard Times
3. Oblivion
4. The Bachelor
5. Damaris
6. Thickets
7. Count Of Casualty
8. Who Will?
9. Vulture
10. Blackdown
11. The Sun Is Often Out
12. Theseus
13. Battle
14. The Messenger