It’s miserable today in London.  Grey skies.  Rainy weather.  And it’s Monday people.  Ewww.  Last night Geri and myself went to see ’28 Weeks Later’ at the Genesis Cinema and I honestly have to say it was THE scariest movie I have seen in a long time.  Why you ask?  Well, it’s not everyday that you see the city you live in become terrorized by virus-touting, rage-infused blood-guzzling zombies.  It’s just shot in such a way that doesn’t make it look special-effects-zy as well which makes it even more real.  The fact that I work regularly out in the Canary Wharf area (where most of the movie takes place) is really eerie.  And there also was a whole montage of scenes that show St. Pauls and the Millennium Bridge (where Geri works) and a very very empty Soho – where I am writing this post right now from.  It’s just creepy.  But if you like a good horror movie – then you’ll enjoy it me thinks…So with that grimness out of the way, on with the rants.

  1. Popjustice reports that Robyn will be releasing ‘With Every Heartbeat’ this summer.  Yay!  Good song choice.  It will also give us more time to find out what the hell ‘Cobrastyle’ means and how we can improve upon ours.
  2. Popjustice also has a very fun interview with Calvin Harris who did a shit remix for Dragonette…Oh shizz.
  3. Amy Winehouse is still around.  Won’t this bitch just go away to rehab for reals?
  4. We are loving Scarlet Soho quite a bit.  They have been described as "If The Killers are the new Duran Duran then Scarlet Soho are the new Depeche Mode."  Now that is a great comparison – go check em out here.
  5. A message to Kelly Osbourne.  Start making music again.  We love you to bits, but hate it that you are tabloid darling now. 
  6. Those big gayers, Pop Starz have some new songs on their Myspazz – love those boyz.
  7. Are you ready for a pouting lesson EQs?  EQ supestarlette reader Megan has a great video over on her Myspazz which will show you how to get that passionate pout ready just in time for summer bitches.  Word.  We learned how to pout from Megan.  It’s true.
  8. Hot Stuff Files is full of hot diggity goodness today.  Samuel airs the new Garbage video and offers up some audio of Siobhan Donaghy covering Paolo Nutini’s ‘Last Request’.  Brilliant blogging by Samuel once again. 
  9. We officially don’t like Madonna’s ‘Hey You’.  Ouch…I feel a sharp pain in my side – Samuel, is that you?!
  10. And finally, this is some crazy shizz from Bonde Do Role…It’s their new song ‘Office Boy’ and it out today to purchase.  Oh My.