Siobhan Donaghy’s new album is quite easily one of the most important albums to be released this year.  ‘Ghosts’ is a maginifcent journey into the depths and layers of an imaginative young woman who has chronicled her ups and downs over the last few years into a piece of fine art that deservedly should have it’s own exhibit at the Tate Modern.

Back in the pre ‘Freak Like Me’ Sugababes days, we thought Siobhan was actually really daft to leave them high and dry in Japan.  For they were and still are favourite girl group of all time…However a little while afterwards Siobhan released her solo debut album ‘Revolution In Me’ which didn’t do so well commercially (due to a label takeover) but it was brilliance encapsulated.  We listened to it over and over again and finally realised that Siobhan was a far greater talent than the rest of her bandmates.  Siobhan was something entirely different.  She’s a modern day Kate Bush and in this day and age when music from the 80’s and left-field pop are getting more attention – it’s high time that Siobhan Donaghy takes her place in front of the class.

With her second single ‘So You Say’ being released next week – you should be preparing to embrace this woman’s music with open arms.  Her first single ‘Don’t Give It Up’ went by virtually unnoticed and if it wasn’t for the campaigns of pop bloggers worldwide who had the chance to listen to the leaked tracks beforehand, the buzz around this album probably wouldn’t be as big as it is now.  Siobhan’s been hitting the PA trail pretty hard too.  She’s a shy performer, almost like a silent Kylie – putting her music out there first and foremost.  For once, it’s not about the personality, the airbrushing, the polished dance moves, the marketing or the superstar hip-hop collaborations – it’s about the ever-so-important music that should be talked about.

So many good tracks exist on this album.  Perhaps our favourite is ‘Coming Up For Air’ followed by the powerful ‘Medevac’ – a track that touches on the terrible addiction problems of Siobhan’s friend and collaborator.  ’12 Bar Acid Blues’ is a funky trip through foreign-ville, with Siobhan losing her luggage, being questioned by immigration and thrown into a gritty prison cell.  Now, who do you know can easily write a song about that?  ‘Goldfish’ is a lucious sounding track, soft, synthy and touching all at the same time.  Everytime we play this album at the office or at home, our friends ask ‘Who is this?’…Every.  Single. Time.  A prime example that people want to embrace this artist.  They like what they hear.  It’s intelligent music.

We urge all of you to buy Siobhan Donaghy’s ‘Ghosts’ when it is released on 25 June.  It’s the second time round for this talented artist and you won’t be disappointed at all by her solid sophomore effort.

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