Hello EQs – Having just gotten back from Washington DC last night, I thought I would kick things off again by giving you a nice toasty pop rant to get your weekend going.

  1. Wow – 26 comments on the Darren Hayes interview…I am humbled.  Just wow.  Comments really are like gold dust to us music bloggers and it’s nice to know that what we write is appreciated.  Thanks everyone for leaving such fun comments and I promise a fab part 2 to the Darren Hayes interview, so stay tuned…better yet, bookmark us and read us everyday!
  2. Thanks to Dragonette, they have offered up EQ readers a free download of their cover of Calvin Harris hit ‘The Girls’.  Although Dragonette have decided to mix things up a bit and call their version ‘The Boys’.  How funkin fun!  Go and buy their new single ‘Take It Like A Man’ that is out this week too and visit their cool website where you find that EQ just happens to be a ‘blog they like’ in the Links section.  Awww bless, we’ll always take it like a good EQ as long as Dragonette keeping givin us their hot electro!  Word on the street is that their album ‘Galore’ is going to be released in October now.
  3. Have you noticed that a lot of new hip-hop artists are making electro songs now because it’s hot?  What’s up with that?  The new Timbaland song is very electro and how about that Kanye West song sampling Daft Punk?  And is Rhianna officially electro or is she r&B…maybe we’ll have to take a listen to her album.
  4. Check out this guy Mason Roberts – he’s a new pop artist you may like.  We kinda dig his tunes – very soothing to the pop ear and worth your time.  Go give him some pop lubbin.
  5. So we decided to buy a few albums and give them a whirl based on recommendations from Darren Hayes and Samuel, formerly of the Hot Stuff Files.  We bought ‘Hounds Of Love’ by Kate Bush and ‘Insomniatic’ by Aly & AJ.  Two very different albums from different eras, but totally worth your music allowance.
  6. Did you hear that Facebook is being sued and that our Facebook pages may be removed?  Yikes!
  7. We gots the ‘Heroes’ fever…we finally saw the first two episodes on BBC2 last night and they were amazing!  We’re gonna get hooked on this new tv show we thinks.
  8. How fantastic is it that Robyn is blowing up at the moment?  Everywhere I turn there is a promo poster for her in the UK and people have been saying ‘With Every Heartbeat’ might go to number one!  Amazing!  I can’t urge you enough to go out and buy the single when it drops.  The Kleerup Remix is out of this world as well.  If you haven’t bought her debut UK album ‘Robyn’ or ordered it from somewhere, than you officially are not an EQ and therefore not cool.  Don’t disappoint us now readers!
  9. Last night I got hit on by three straight girls at a restaurant in Canary Wharf who thought I was dining alone and offered me to join them for dinner.  Awww – I was so flattered.  When I told them I was eating with my boyfriend they sorta frowned and said ‘oh that’s ok.’  LOL.  Bless them for feeding my ego for 5 minutes.  Or maybe they just thought I was big loser and felt sorry for me!  LOL. 
  10. And finally we leave you with the new video from The Shapeshifters – ‘Pusher’.  We really love The Shapeshifters – their last album ‘Sound Advice’ was really well-done and their new single is even hotter.  Check. It. Out.  Turn. It. Out.  We keep waiting for an alien to jump out and eat one of the boys in the video…