Olivia Somerlyn 1

Launching as possibly one of the next in line, notable Miss American teen music makers Olivia Somerlyn proves she is a bucket full of cute with an established skyscraper pop rock sound to fight off that edge of being perceived purely as bubble gum invention.

Musicality is practically Olivia’s middle name as she is adeptly versed in the culminative strengths both as a musician, songwriter and vocalist.

All the juicy pop directive comes through via steerage of Management by Kevin Jonas Senior Father to ex-Boyband brothers of pop royaltyThe Jonas Brothers and the currently deployed buzz track “Better With You”.

You can betcha “Better With You” is a shiny pop anthem with a nifty chorus of na, na, na’s and handclaps slipped in for instant impact and listener engagement, that Olivia has recently put to test through a recent run of tour support slots alongside Jessie J and Lawson.

Get this! Olivia’s fanbase swags itself with the cutest name of the Somerlovers. Inspired and spurred on further by this – The pop tart in me wants in!