Strangers 2

We are second part into a monthly spanned series over a period of 6 months whereby, darkwave synth pop maestro’s Strangers deliver upon a maturing sound formation that they began initialising a couple of years ago.

If I thought I’d noted a jump in progression on the previous introductory insight from this series on “Sense Of Liberty” then it’s a further stride apart in growth that takes “No Longer Lost” now into pole position.

A song of two-fold properties, “No Longer Lost” sees David Maddox-Jones’s pop noir suited vocals edge the hefty shade emanating from the goth-pop styled verses that go on to develop into a grabbing anthemic chorus that is superbly soaring in stature, whilst also giving a brief introduction to the rich soulful vocals of newcomer Charli Rouse.

Simply put, in “No Longer LostStrangers game up in epic style, fashioning an indie dance pop chorus so good, that IT bands such as Fenech-Soler and Monarchy should be on their guard, as it is clear that Strangers are closing in rapidly.

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