If I can remember correctly, one blogger recently mentioned that the New Kids On The Block had aged quite horribly – but golly gee willikers – Jordan Knight looks pretty damn good to me!

The New Kids kicked off their comeback tour recently and one lucky EQ reader was there to capture these great pix above. Here’s the setlist too – sorry for the spoiler. I am demanding that Lady Gaga open for the New Kids On The Block for their show at the O2 in London coming up in January. More European dates have been added in Amsterdam and Germany as well. I’ll shoot myself if I don’t get tix to the London show…

1. Single
2. My Favorite Girl – Yay, EQ’s fave NKOTB song
3. (You Got It) The Right Stuff
4. Didn’t I Blow Your Mind/Valentine Girl
5. Please Don’t Go Girl
6. Grown Man
7. No More Games
8. If You Go Away
9. 2 In The Morning
10. Tonight
11. Twisted
12. Baby I Believe In You
13. Give It To You (Jordan Knight solo)
14. Stay The Same (Joey McIntyre solo)
15. Cover Girl (Donnie Wahlberg solo)
16. I’ll Be Loving You Forever
17. Click Click Click
18. Summertime
19. Step by Step

Encore: Hangin’ Tough/We Will Rock You

What?! No “This One’s For The Children”, “Dirty Dawg” or “Big Girl Now”?!! Well, I guess you can’t sing them all now can’t you…