Here’s a picture of electro-glammer Sy from Naked Highway getting downright comfy with a certain someone at New York hotspot Splash!  Sexy Sy (as I like to call him – on the right) sure knows how to network doesn’t he?!  hehehe.

Anyways – Naked Highway seem to be blowin up in America.  Their video to ‘Better Off Naked’ has just been accepted by MTV-owned Logo right alongside Darren Hayes, Mika, Ivri Lider and Fergie (just to name a few) and you can vote to get the video played here.

If you live in America, help Naked Highway out as they are unsigned and don’t have a Payola agreement with MTV (where record companies pay MTV to have their videos played) so they are doing everything totally on the indie tip.  If you vote for them, it could really help them out. 

So what are you waiting for, vote 500 times a day for them.  You’ll be seeing a lot more of Naked Highway on EQ cuz well, they are brilliant and you can check them out here.