Welcome to another fine edition of MySpace Discovery Wednesdays our fine EQs.  In today’s edition we have the extreme pleasure of introducing you to Nelson Clemente.  Currently residing in Perth, Australia – Nelson has been very busy launching his musical electro and 80’s-tinged gospel onto the world.  He is preparing to release his debut EP called ‘6th Perception’ and a sampling of his tracks can be heard over at his MySpace Page.

You may have noticed Nelson’s sublime gem-of-a-track ‘You Me Us We’ climbing the EQ Chart lately.  This song is a fantastic introduction to the type of sound that you can expect from Nelson’s music, it really has an 80’s OMD-inspired innocence to it that just makes you want to put the track on repeat over and over again.  ‘You Want Me Don’t You’ and ‘It’s All My Fault’ are fantastically-fun tracks as well complete with electro dance synths and drum machine beats that feel like they are straight out of a Corey Hart video.

As an exclusive to Electroqueer readers – Nelson has offered up two exclusive electro and house remixes to ‘You Want Me Don’t You’ which can be downloaded here.  Make sure take a listen to Nelson Clemente today and download some of his new tracks over at his website – he’s one of those artists that we are keeping a close eye on this year.