Happy Monday EQs!  We have decided to axe the Wednesday part of our regular MySpace Discovery Wednesday feature due to the fact that life is too hectic nowadays to stick to a normal Wednesday deadline in blogland (who needs deadlines anyways), so instead of getting a new act every Wednesday, we’ll be giving you new EQ acts when and where we feel like it!  Somehow, we thinks you probably won’t mind!

So – Scarlet Soho have busted their way onto the pages of EQ today and we couldn’t be anymore happier to introduce this hot new electro threesome to you.  Having just come off some live dates with The Delays, IAMX and Razorlight, they are poised and ready to launch their electrofest into your iPods with their brilliant new single ‘Analogue Dialogue (Kill The Beat)’ which we have been buzzing around to all week in the EQ office.  You will be sure to see this single rise on the EQ Chart so make sure you go and buy a physical copy of it over at Human Recordings or download it from iTunes.  Either way, you’ll make Scarlet Soho quite happy if you do.

In the meantime – go check them out on MySpace.  We are planning a wee interview with the band too so stay tuned to this bat channel and let the band know what you think of them in the comments!