Welcome to another edition of MySpace Discovery Wednesdays.  Today we have the pleasure of introducing you to new independent artist/songwriter Stephan D. Leuenberger.  Stephan resides in Chicago, Illinois and was born to Swiss parents.  He currently sites his influences as being Ace of Base, Darren Hayes, Dorothée, Elton John, Phil Collins, and the legendary Pet Shop Boys.  He’s got the look and a soothing voice which meshes in seamlessly behind his electronic creations so in our book he’s certainly off to a good start. 

Check out his haunting electro diddy ‘Echo’ which sounds like a darker reinterpretation of Savage Garden’s ‘I Want You’ as well as ‘Inside Job’ which reminds us of a few old school OMD tracks. 

Learn more about Stephan over at his MySpace page or go through his catalog of recordings at http://www.broadjam.com/stephanleuenberger

Stephan is also looking for other singers to collaborate with, so if his unique sound is your cup of tea – let him know.  We’ll be keeping our eyes on the development of Stephan D. Leuenberger.