You all have Mandy to thank for this hot new MySpace Discovery as she's found a good one here…

Say hello to Zac Poor everyone. He's a small town Montana boy who moved to the La La Land to pursue his dream of becoming a pop sensation and after hearing his debut single "She'll Be Breaking Hearts" one might think he's onto something here.  Aside from possessing the ability to turn a few heads (can I get a swoon?), Zac Poor also has some major songwriting skills that the major music publishers should be paying attention to.  Check out his track "Radio" – it's got that Kelly Clarkson flavour that would bode well with the American Idol gots-to-have-a-killer-hook audiences while "Meet Me By The Stairs" is a stripped down-tempo number that will rip your little heart out.  

All together now – Le Sigh.

More Zac Poor on MySpace.