She’s a superstar in her native country Vietnam.  She’s recorded 10 albums there and now Yenn has her sights set on crossover success with her electropop stomper “So Good To Be Wrong”.  This track has been igniting my “recently added” playlist for about two weeks now and it’s now so damn infectious that it would be crime not to tell you about it here on EQ.  Highly recommended.

The “So Good To Be Wrong” EP is now available to download on iTunes and also features the poptastic “Show Me Your Heaven” which is bound to satisfy any pop lover who likes a good harmony.  My favourite remix in the package is the “Karmatronic Radio Edit” with it’s heavy electronic bassline – sure to satisfy all the circuit queens out there who need a new “this is my song” for the week.    

And personally, one can never get enough of the “www-whoa” Laura Brannigan-esque sample.  Pop perfection, watch out BoA!

Download “So Good To Be Wrong” on Yenn - So Good to Be Wrong - EP