Thomas King

What a great find this one!  Everyone say hello to the NEW pop kid on the block – Thomas King.

At first I thought Thomas King was going to be another pretty boy pop star wannabe but after downloading his three-song EP “High On Life” and giving it a whirl, I was ever-so-impressed with this California living, Austrian born songster.  Combing vocal elements of Freddie Mercury and the feel good factor that only the best European pop can bring, Thomas King is most surely one to watch out for.  I for one am entranced.

His standout track is called  “One Nite Stand” and it’s a whimsical and delightfully catchy pop affair whilst “The King Lives On” has a slightly more pop/rock tone which highlights Thomas King’s passionate mission to spread freedom, love and joy all around the world.  “Do You Believe” gives us a harder more serious side to the singer’s musicality and the result is just gorgeous – just think of the theatrics of a Pet Shop Boys song mixed in with a the enthusiastic vocal adrenalline of Mika – its really impressive. 

No word yet on when the “High On Life” EP is set to launch, but rest assured EQ will be the first to tell you.  In the meantime, discover Thomas King for yourself today and let him know that EQ sent you. 

Thomas King on MySpace

Thomas King official website