Electro.  Russian.  Supporting Royksopp.  I'm SO sold.

Seriously, Tesla Boy are something quite special everyone.  I was only introduced to them yesterday via Ryan (thanks man) and I'm literally obsessed with them already – I just can't get enough.  Check out key tracks "Electric Lady" and "Neon Love" and me thinks you'll get hooked into their 80's electronic foray quite easily – which summons up comparisons to the likes of Heartbreak with shades of David Bowie and Empire Of The Sun to name just a few.

It's surprisingly hard to capture the spirit of the 80's in it's true essence but Tesla Boy do it with hardly any effort at all – it comes quite naturally to them, like making spaghetti or riding a bike perhaps.  Take a listen to "Spirit Of The Night" and you'll envision that this song could have fit in quite easily on any 80's movie soundtrack from "Flashdance" to "Top Gun" to "Breakfast Club".  Now that's artistry.

Tesla Boy flicks my bic.  Word. My only problem with them is that they are too far away for me to catch them live in Russia.  But you can bet your ass I'll be right there the minute they touch down on our fair shores.

Tesla Boy on MySpace.