Say hello to Sectr 24

This American duo have got something quite special with their new album "A Tattooed Melody" which drops next week on December 16th.  Blending together a unique combination of pop, electronica and urban music into a gorgeous mini-symphony, Sectr 24's debut proves to nothing sort of magical and gloriously atmospheric.  Take for instance a few key tracks on their MySpace like "I Wish" and "Golden Heart Symphony" – both of which are imaginatively weaved together into a kalideoscopic wall of sound.  Watch their new video to "Connection" below to get a feel for what the duo are all about and how relevant their electronic soundspace could fit into the competitive urban landscape.  

Altogether Sect 24's album "A Tattooed Melody" is a dreamy and soothing collection of tracks suitable for anyone who loves elements of pop, electronica and urban music – It's kinda like Enya meets The Black Eyed Peas.  And make sure to check out their remix of Lady Gaga's "Just Dance" – it's one of the most original remixes I've ever heard of the international smash.

Sectr 24 on MySpace