She loves the nightlife and she love's "love"…and that's what her new record "Deep N Luv" is all about…

Meet new up-and-coming club princess Sariah who is over-the-moon that her first single "Deep N Luv" is getting some really good radio airplay.  This Boston girl always knew who she was and instead of doing those things most girls do after they graduate from college, Sariah did the exact opposite and is pursing the pop dream.  And when it comes to achieving pop stardom, her immediate answer is "bring it on!".  

Having grown up on a musical mix of Mariah Carey (no that's not where she gets her name from) and Patti LaBelle, Sariah is poised and ready to wow after just coming back from the Winter Music Conference in Miami where her record got an excellent response from the DJs there.  Sariah also says that when you listen to "Deep N Luv" you're gonna have fun and feel sexy when go out – and "Deep N Luv" is the record that should be your soundtrack.

Take a listen to Sariah's "Deep N Luv" over on her MySpace page and make sure to say hi to her on Twitter.