Fourteen year-olds shouldn't be allowed to be this talented. 

Take a listen to mnek's tracks on his MySpace player and you'll be feeling like "gosh, why didn't I get the electropop gene like mnek did when I was born". 

Hailing from Catford in the UK, Uzoechi Emenike is on a mission to let the whole world know that he's an up-and-coming electro talent to be reckoned with.  He definitely wins the award for most hilarious notice me email sent into EQ and for that alone, I probably would have featured him anyway.  Combine that with his sick tunes "Devil In Pumps" and "If Truth Be Told" and you'll find yourself wondering when The Brit School is going to give him a full ride scholarship and when the majors are gonna scoop him up to be a massive songwriter and producer.  If mnek can produce this shit in his bedroom right now, think of what he could do with a budget. 

mnek's got huge talent in heaps and I hope the future is as bright for him as are his blue shades.