Men are probably the funnest New York Based indie music group I've come across since Menya.  I got slipped their debut EP which has the songs "Credit Card Babies", "Off Our Backs" and "Simultaneously" on it and for an indie EP, I didn't quite expect that I'd listen to it maybe more than once – but surprise, I did – and I liked it! 

Men have got quite a few something somethings going on for them.  Men have groove.  Men have indie flair.  Men have pop credibility.  Men have harmony.  Men are like synthy-syth.  Men has lyrical craft and notably, Men have pictures of penises on their MySpace…brilliant.

In all seriousness – take a close listen to their pro-creation anthem "Credit Card Babies" and I think you'll find this little indie group to have the potential of being something quite notable.  With lyrics like "I'm gonna fuck my best, I'm gonna fuck my friends / To get a little tiny baby / Is it really so hard, to make a new heart?" you'll find yourself obsessed with Men as much as I am right now.

And I'm not the only one – Sheena Beaston loves them too – so you know they are cool.

Men on MySpace