I have never heard of LA quirkster Mark Crisman until this morning, but I’m so glad I found his MySpace because his music is some of the best I’ve heard in a long time.  

A little background – Mark used to be part of a group called Mark & Alex (brothers, I think) who released a four song EP called “Rush” back in March 2008.  It’s available on iTunes and it’s truly amazing – I highly suggest you check it out as soon as possible as all four songs (especially “New Wave”) are out of this world.  Think Owl City meets Patrick Wolf with a bit of New Order mixed in.

But as things sometime happen, Mark & Alex broke up and Mark decided to go the solo route.  His new tracks “Grand” and “23 Years” are nothing short of notable.  If his new sound can live up to the tunes that he made as part of Mark & Alex, then I am sure to be a fan for life.  

Download the Mark & Alex EP “Rush” on Mark & Alex - Rush EP

Here’s a little taster of the song “Rush” and “23 Years” for your consideration…