Say hello to Manna.

She's a Finnish/French/Algerian singer who's brilliant song "Some Boys/Some Girls" has come up so many times on my iPod randomly that it was inevitable that I would fall in love with the song. 

Manna's not really electro-pop at all, but I kinda like to think she's a bit of a mixture of Bat For Lashes and Ladyhawke all mixed together.  Instead of me telling you what "Some Boys/Some Girls" is about, I thought that I'd let Manna go ahead and introduce it to you herself, so here you go…

Girls/ Some Boys"
is basically a simple pop song, how they should be!  A mixture
of punk and sixtie's girl group inspired melodies. I'm a huge fan of the
Shangri La's, Blondie and
Velvet Underground -  and the song is surely
inspired by all of those but I wanted also to make it sounds like it's
from this era, to make it fresh.  If you listen to the
lyrics, they're comforting, just do your thing, believe in people and in life
and you'll get through it even if it's hard at times, it's sure worth
it " 

Go discover Manna for yourself on MySpace – I can't wait to see the video now.