Oh how my heart melts a little bit when I discover a new quirky female musician.  And if my heart were a candle, there would be a big mess of wax all over my keyboard right now after listening to new single "Opening Doors" by newcomer Leni Ward.  

Take a bit of Imogen Heap, mix in the charming sounds of Lights and the indie sensibility of The Good Natured and you'll get Leni Ward.  You can listen to her first offering "Opening Doors" right now on MySpace which is chock full of lovely keyboards and infectious hand-claps that are sure to brighten up any sense of gloom you're feeling right now.  "Give My Heart Back" is even better if you ask me.  "The Beat Inside" is pure divinity too – I really am so in love right now with Leni Ward…obsession brewing EQs…

Make sure to discover Leni Ward today for yourself on MySpace.