I was initially introduced to Coury Palermo not too long ago when EQ premiered the video for "World Gone Crazy" by Sleepthief and from the minute I heard Coury's voice on the track, I fell in love with his hypnotic and soothingly sweet, yet somewhat eerie vocal style.

Since then, Coury has been busy putting together an EP of covers that will serve as an introduction to his new music and one of the covers he's lent his beautiful and unique voice to is none other than The Eurythmics "Here Comes The Rain Again".  His version of this classic track is so gorgeous that it gives you goosebumps when listening to him sing it.  Coury also has done a surprising version of Phil Collins "Another Day In Paradise" that sounds very different from the original.  I highly suggest you check them both out as I think you'll fall in love with Coury's voice as much as I have.

Before you write Coury off as another cover boy, you should know that he is working on original material as well and it's all very much in the beginning stages.  But in a landscape of buddy new pop/electronic male vocalists/musicians all trying to become the next big thing, Coury really stands out to me.  His tone is more Sarah McLachlan though and if you're a fan of ambient electrocoustica, then I think Coury Palermo will strike a chord with you like he has with me.

Discover Coury Palermo for yourself and listen to the tracks mentioned here on his official MySpace and official website.