This electronic band really has got something a little special.

They are called Decay Ends A Decade and their tracks "To Be You", "Frozen In The Night" and "To Be You" are so gloriously synthtronic that electro-heads will instantly fall in love with them.  Indie lovers will fall charmed to their unique approach to electronica which conjurs up early New Order and you can even hear hints of 80s dancefloor euphoria and a wee bit of Daft Punk in their tracks.

The band are currently promoting their debut EP "White Light" on Brüt Mod Records and have been giggin all over the UK and Germany, picking up as many new fans as possible – they have even opened for Chew Lips.  I for one, can't wait to see them live next time they are in London.

More Decay Ends A Decade on MySpace.

Download the "White Light" EP on Decay Ends A Decade - White Light