Meet Back Ted N-Ted.  He's currently on tour with Imogen Heap and his delightful mix of electronica with a groovy pop sensibility has quite perked up my cold ears this wintery morning in Londontown.

Make sure to check out his key track "Hookie" which offers up shades of 80s and an emotive lyrical landscape that will make the even the hardest of hard rockers sway along to it's thumping beat.

Back Ted N-Ted has been busy putting the finishing touches on his new album "A Jet Made Of Limos" which should be released soon.  He's even been busy remixing the one and only Adam Lambert and has offered up his Imogen Heap remix of "Goodnight And Go" to all you big Immi fans – hey that's me!  

His tour dates with Immi are on his MySpace page and I'm hoping NYC EQs will get to the Webster Hall show and tell me all about it!

In the meantime – get on over to the EQ Facebook page to download his amazing remix of "Goodnight And Go" – it's AMAZING!