EQ reader JD pointed me in the direction of Anna Abreu who has a new song and video out now to a hot track called “Vinegar” which wins a personal nod from me for having more than one cool thing in a video.

  • Blue and Silver mylar balloons – check
  • Shirtless boys – check
  • 1920’s style black fringe dress – check
  • Purple smoke machine – check

In reading up on her, I wasn’t surprised to find out that she was a contestant on Finnish Idol. And with that said, I immediately Googled her on Pop Poster Girl to find out the whole story. Because as you know, PPG is a walking and blogging encyclopedia for all things International Idol and that’s why I love her.

The only thing I find strange about “Vinegar” is the song title. Next time one of my evil ex’s comes up to me in a bar, I’m going to say “you’re vinegar in my dreams”…I’m sure that will put them off totally.

Anna Abreu - Vinegar - Single - Vinegar – Download “Vinegar”

Check out Anna Abreu on MySpace.