He’s got a great head of blond hair and his tunes aint bad either.  EQs say hello to James Murray.  I’ve mentioned James a few times before but today he gets his own MySpace discovery post.  Yay!  Now before you get all "What the heck, he aint very electronic" on our asses, let’s just say that we haven’t liked a pop/rock and folk-tinged artist like James Murray in a long time…probably since Paolo Nutini.  Now that is probably a comparison that James probably doesn’t want to hear, but I can’t stop humming his fab tunes around the house.  It’s a good thing!

Having already played the Royal Albert Hall in opening for Darren Hayes, James has properly got the itch for the big time me thinks.  His music is so open and heartfelt that you just cannot, not like the dude.  His song ‘Old Nana’ is so adorable – James described it as his grandmother’s honest concern and warning about  groupies and drugs as he starts his trip into the music industry.  Aww bless.  And what about his thoughts on size zero girls?  James tells em all to eat, cuz he likes a big bum.  Double bless.

Having met James twice now, I can honestly say he’s a great guy too.  You’ll want him to succeed just as much as I do, so why not take a moment and check him out on MySpace.  He really really wants you to!