Say hello to G’Pree EQs.  Now I’ve never been much for the R&B flavour, I own a few Missy Elliot CDs and as any gay would and I can’t wait for Jennifer Hudson to release an album, but whoa…G’Pree has brightened up my MySpace today with a friend request that made me go…"wow, I like that song". 

The song in question is called ‘Handle With Care’ and you can play it in the little YouTubage below.  It has just enough keyboards in it to quality for some EQ love today and since I don’t give too many nods to the R&B boys – G’Pree darling, this one is for you.

Do I see a new Craig David taking over the town…I thinks so.

Check out more of G’Pree over on his MySpace today and stop drooling over the photo ok!