Move over Bjork, you’re not the hottest thing to come out of Iceland anymore.  Say hello to Dísa EQs.

A good friend of mine turned me onto Dísa a few weeks ago and I have to say – she is absolutely brilliant.  Run very quickly over to her MySpace page now to discover the gorgeous track that is "Temptation" – which is not only climbing The EQ Chart as we speak, but it’s also being offered up as free download!

I am also totally in love with Dísa’s track "Missing Part".  I can’t stop listening to it – it’s on repeat.  I am going to keep a very keen eye on Dísa’s development as I think the kind of music she’s doing is very important and relevant to music today.  She’s totally EQ approved and I’d be very curious as to what you think about her.

If you love a soothing female voice over a comfortable duvet of chilled electronica – Dísa is an Icelandic import you need to have on your iPods.