"Ooh I Like It".

I really really do!  EQ reader JD has brought to my attention this fab new trio called Ultraviolet Sound (or U.V.S. as they like to call themselves) and they have one hell of an electro record in the way of "Ooh I Like It" that they are whoring all over the US and the internet at the moment, courtesy of Adidas.  Smokin track "Gimme My Electro" fucking works it while "Texxt Bomb" features the vocal "stylings" of the infamous Miss Jeffree Starr.  "Babyz" is JD’s favourite track and he reckons it’s a Disco Villains remake.  It’s all very very Luciana, but it actually hits a little harder.  Can’t wait to spin some of these tracks at the next Electroqueer night!

Sounds all good eh?  Well you have full reason to be excited as you can now download their entire album right now from their MySpace or True Anthem page free of charge!  It’s such a find and you really can’t pass it up, so go discover the sick electro from Ultraviolet Sound right now and tell them EQ and JD sent you!