Mr slick is back, so soon, it’s Willy Moon!

A month or two ago we couldn’t go anywhere with out hearing “Yeah Yeah” impacting us at every media angle and whilst, you maybe of the opinion that Willy’s debonair 60’s retro vibe is something for niche tastes, he goes and throws an interesting quirky pop spanner in the works with follow up single “My Girl”.

Hold that thought, as I know what your thinking; Willy Moon. 60’s pop revivalist. “My Girl”.  Gotta be a cover or at least a sample used from the Temptations classic – consider it not!

As “My Girl” descends as a cheeky cheerleader style clapping song, that reeks of bobby socks, frou frou skirts, spats and drainpipe jeans.  Quick perfect your Hand Jive moves, you’re going to need them when “My Girl” kicks it’s tootie frutti in.  It’s really vintage-ously contagious and retro legitimately off the cuff-link in nostalgic cool.

Now as I gaze upon this lone frame of Willy Moon selling me this contemporary dose of nostalgia pop – I’m longing for Toni Basil to burst through the silver-screen and waggle her poms poms at me.

[youtube height=”360″ width=”640″][/youtube]