Yes that is Matt Damon in the intro of Mattafix’s new video to ‘Living Darfur’.

A bit of story here…I first heard of Mattafix just about a month ago when I was out with Rui Da Silva and Sylvia Powell having drinks after Popshow.  One of the guys with us told me he was in a band called Mattafix and they were trying to raise awareness on some global issues with their music.  Of course that sounded interesting to me and I said I would check them out and I added them to my mental checklist…

Fast forward to just last week when I was in Rome and Munich, Geri and I saw Mattafix’s CD everywhere.  Apparently they are rather famous throughout Europe so I picked up the CD and came back to do a little research on them and here they are with their new single ‘Living Darfur’ which is pretty cool if you ask me. 

Expect to read a little more about Mattafix when I do my research properly, but from the sound of their CD ‘Rhythm & Hymns’ – they are pretty damn good.