We can’t get enough of this song lately.  It’s called ‘The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ by Viktor.  The premise of the song…well it’s happened so many times in our youth.  You start sleeping with a guy who claims to be straight.  It’s exciting, it’s thrilling – it’s annoying when he won’t go the club with you and then calls you at ungodly hours of the morning wanting some boo-tay.  Viktor and EQ say "LOSER". 

Viktor’s track is a total throwback to the 80’s when dance music was raw and passionate.  This song really reminds me of Paul Lekakis’ ‘Boom Boom’ and even a little pinch of a-ha’s ‘Cry Wolf’ mixed in.  It really gets us going and Viktor totally tears up this anthematic track.  His unconventional style and confidence is truly inspiring and we hope Viktor breaks out into the open.  Hey if Jeffree Star can do it – so can Viktor.  Viktor’s unabashedly electro-pop album ‘Dance Like No One’s Watching’ is available on iTunes now. Take a listen to our latest ‘Music On The Verge’ track below.

Viktor – The Boy Who Cried Wolf