At just 19 years old, new up-and-coming vocalist Lucie knows what she wants and is going after it.  I was sent her demo to “Psycho” about a month ago and every time it pops up on my iPod, my ears perk up a bit because it’s got something a little special.  Yes, it’s all very early days for Lucie, but I really like her vocal style and I think she has the potential to cross-over given the right managment and the right direction.

I asked Lucie what “Psycho” was about and this is what she had to say…

“Working with the producer Sky Adams from 141a management (who manage Ava Leigh) – they wanted to hear want my sound would be like with one of their in-house backing tracks and after a listening session my co-writer and I came up with the concept of “Psycho” – the backing track had so much life behind it and reminded me of an insane character Alex from the film “Fatal Attraction”. Overall, my co-writer David Asante and I wrote the song with the idea that someone would rather get hurt by their lover than have nothing at all from them.  At face value the song is about a girl who’s obsessed with a guy, but on a deeper level it documents my desperation for pop culture to accept me and let me inside of it-I’m singing to pop culture begging it to let me in.”

Take a listen to “Psycho” and if you’re interested in Lucie for music projects or if you just like her sound, make sure to get in touch with her via MySpace!