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Take a listen to the very nu-retro Wideboys mix of the seminal dance classic "Gypsy Woman 2010" by Tristan Garner vs. Crystal Waters which was just announced today.  In today's EQ Music & Commentary piece, Crystal Waters talks about the new collaboration and about brining the classic back to life for the year 2010…

If you like the new mixes, you can go grab them from Beatport, right now.

Gypsy Woman was your first smash hit, remind us how it all happened.
Crystal Waters: Gypsy was the first song I wrote for the Basement Boys. I was actually signed as a writer not a singer, but I really wanted to be the next Sade at the time!
The song is about a homeless woman I actually saw singing gospel songs for money. She was very well dressed, face full of make-up. I thought to myself, she's just being lazy, she needs to go get a job. Then I read an article about her in the local paper. She was a wonderful person who lost her job in retail. She kept herself looking nice to respect herself and the people she was asking money from, she really needed the money and not for alcohol or drugs. It really changed my mind about homeless people. It could happen to anyone.

It’s a record that’s never really gone away, which proves what a timeless dancefloor classic it really is, so what were your thoughts when approached about the new remixes on Slip N Slide?
Yes, Gypsy is called an "evergreen" in the business. I'm a very lucky girl. Well, someone remixes Gypsy every year if not twice. But they never reach the success of the original. when Tristian's came in I had my fingers crossed it would go big again, kinda like Robin S, "Show Me Love". I still have them crossed!

What do you think about dance music today? How does it compare with the scene you broke into 20 years ago?
I love dance music today. For a while there it went in a direction I just wasn't feeling. I even refused to record to some of it – my manager was not happy – but now the tempo has settled into a nice groove and it's got it's soul back.

What are you up to in the coming weeks and months?
I'm always on tour and I'll be at the WMC in Miami later this month. I have couple of new releases coming out spring and summer and I'm working on the ‘Crystal Waters Project’ which is an album paring me with some of the world’s top DJs.